Netherlands Heart Institute


ICIN Netherlands Heart Institute ICIN has a two-fold mission:

  1. To function as a national scientific voice of academic cardiology in the Netherlands
  2. To coordinate and promote translational and clinical research in the Netherlands and beyond together with strong European and International partners


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Young ICIN

In order to promote scientific talent and encourage young researchers, Young ICIN was founded.

ICIN - Netherlands Heart Institute

ICIN is a unique cooperation of the cardiology departments of all eight university hospitals in the Netherlands.

ICIN was founded in 1972 by professor Dirk Durrer (1918-1984), who at the time was one of the most prominent cardiologists of the Netherlands and a scientist of global fame. The aim of the cooperation is to share knowledge and means and to create added value both for scientists and for patients with cardiovascular disease. Since 1993 ICIN is an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

ICIN has its roots in clinical research but over the years more basic research has been added to our portfolio. Like in clinical research, cooperation in basic research has proven very valuable.

Cardiovascular disease in numbers

In the Netherlands, cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death: 29% of all deaths in 2011 or about 38,841 patients. The burden to the Dutch economy was €6.7 billion.

ICIN in numbers

Through the KNAW, ICIN receives €1 million annually in public funding. Using that money as a catalyst we raise another €6 million a year from other sources.

ICIN currently has some 70 active research projects whose total value is €32 million. Most projects take three to four years to complete.

In 2012, ICIN researchers published a total of 353 articles in distinguished international journals as well as 17 PhD theses.

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