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Netherlands Heart Institute

Excellent science for better care
The Netherlands Heart Institute fosters excellent cardiovascular research on national and international level. We conduct basic science as well as clinical research. We aim to promote cooperation between university medical centres in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector.

The Netherlands Heart Institute encourages young, talented researchers and coaches them to the top. We are the platform for the next generation of excellent researchers.

1st Translational Research Meeting, 29-30 June 2017
1st Translational Research Meeting, 29-30 June 2017

The Netherlands Heart Institute is a unique cooperation of the cardiology departments of all eight university hospitals in the Netherlands. We cooperate closely with the Netherlands Heart Foundation an we are proud partner of DCVA.

Recent news

Successful 4th Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting
On Thursday 25th of June the Netherlands Heart Institute organized the 4th Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting. This year we switched to an online meeting because of the COVID circumstances. Paulus Kirchhof gave an inspiring keynote lecture about “atrial fibrillation – from its genomic basis to new therapeutic approaches”. Attendees appreciated the keynote with an excellent review in our survey.

4th Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting, 25 June 2020 – ONLINE
Registration for the ONLINE-4th Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting is OPEN! We are proud to have Prof. Paulus Kirchhof as a key note lecturer.

In Memoriam: Hein Wellens
June 9 Hein Wellens passed away after a short but intense disease period. Hein was director of the Netherlands Heart Institute (ICIN) from 1993 2003 with Prof Klaas Bom. As we know Hein he was dedicated to bring academic research to the highest possible level, and the institute was a perfect tool to connect people, stimulate young talents and elevate the national scientific performance.

Launch of the first Dutch donor biobank for heart tissue
The Netherlands Heart Institute is launching the first Dutch Heart Tissue Bank (Hartenbank in Dutch). This is a central biobank in which heart tissue and medical data is stored and available for cardiovascular scientific research. A prospective donor program and a rapid autopsy procedure allows high-quality heart tissue combined with medical data, which will improve diagnostics and yield novel therapies for heart diseases.

More news

Netherlands Heart Institute is a proud member of the DCVA
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