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The Netherlands Heart Institute fosters excellent cardiovascular research on national and international level. We conduct basic science as well as clinical research. We aim to promote cooperation between university medical centres in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector.

The Netherlands Heart Institute encourages young, talented researchers and coaches them to the top. We are the platform for the next generation of excellent researchers.

1st Translational Research Meeting, 29-30 June 2017
1st Translational Research Meeting, 29-30 June 2017

The Netherlands Heart Institute is a unique cooperation of the cardiology departments of all eight university hospitals in the Netherlands. We cooperate closely with the Netherlands Heart Foundation an we are proud partner of DCVA.

Recent news

Results of the Fellowship of Jan Willem Buikema
In the past Jan Willem Buikema received a Fellowship of the Netherlands Heart Institute. Jan Willem is proud to announce that the results are published in Stem Cell.

PLN Elfstedentocht
On Saturday September 11, 2021 we will cycle the PLN Elfstedentocht again! Our cardiologists, doctors and researchers will cycle 253 kilometers through the beautiful Frisian landscape. And all this to raise as much money as possible for the PLN Foundation under the leadership of PLN professor Pieter Doevendans. 

Register for the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting
On Thursday 24 June DCVA and the Netherlands Heart Institute organize the 5th DCVA Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting: Together we beat as one, in the "Beatrixgebouw" in Utrecht. 

Severe heart failure increases mortality risk in COVID-19 patients
Of COVID-19 patients with heart disease who are admitted to the hospital, patients with severe heart failure are found to have the highest mortality rate. COVID-19 patients with other heart conditions, including a previous myocardial infarction, appear to have a lower mortality rate. Researchers, brought together by the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA), published this today online at The Dutch Heart Foundation funded this research.

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Netherlands Heart Institute is a proud member of the DCVA
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