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The Netherlands Heart Institute fosters excellent cardiovascular research on national and international level. We conduct basic science as well as clinical research. We aim to promote cooperation between university medical centres in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector.

The Netherlands Heart Institute encourages young, talented researchers and coaches them to the top. We are the platform for the next generation of excellent researchers.

1st Translational Research Meeting, 29-30 June 2017
1st Translational Research Meeting, 29-30 June 2017

The Netherlands Heart Institute is a unique cooperation of the cardiology departments of all eight university hospitals in the Netherlands. We cooperate closely with the Netherlands Heart Foundation.

Please contact one of the members of the board if you want to discuss opportunities for cardiovascular science in the Netherlands or abroad: Pieter Doevendans, Dirk Jan Duncker or Jan Weijers.

Recent news

PLN disease in Eenvandaag
Dutch news show Eenvandaag paid attention to PLN disease including patients and scientists. You can watch the item here (in Dutch only)

Promoting Transparency in Preclinical Research
The UMCU, Radboud UMC and the NL-HI have been developing an online platform for the registration of animal studies. This platform was launched on April 11th during the scientific session “Promoting transparency in preclinical research” hosted by the NLHI. By sharing protocols of (mainly confirmatory) animal studies, we aim to increase the transparency and quality of preclinical research and at the same time lower reporting and publication bias.

Isabelle van Gelder on the RACE studies
Professor in Cardiology Isabelle van Gelder was interviewed in 'De Cardioloog' about the RACE studies. These studies into AF were conducted in cooperation with the Netherlands Heart Institute and before the ICIN.

VIDI for Rik Vos
Rik Vos, board member of Young@Heart, has obtained a VIDI grant with this proposal “Cardiac 3D re-perfusion imaging - QUANTO”. Many congratulations from the Netherlands Heart Institute.

More news

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