Board of the Netherlands Heart Institute

The Board of the Netherlands Heart Institute is formed by Prof. P.A.F.M. Doevendans and Prof. J.W. Jukema. The Board meets weekly in the Holland Heart House and is supported by the managing director and management assistent.

The work of the Board is overseen by the Supervisory Board (SB) consisting of 3 members with expertise in governance of science and healthcare, finance and legal affairs. The Supervisory Board meets 4 times per year to approve the annual accounts, the budget and the plan of action for the next year. Current members are: Dr. M.C.G. Daniels (chair), Mr. D. de Grave, Dr. P. Leijh.

Since 2021 the heads of academic departments of cardiology reside in the 'Vergadering van Aangesloten Organisaties' (VVAO). Until 2021 they formed the SB.

Former members of the board of Netherlands Heart Institute
(Until 2016 Internuniversitair Cardiologisch Instituut Nederland, ICIN)

2016-2019 J. Weijers
2016-2019 Prof. dr. D.J. Duncker
2007-2014 Prof. dr. E.E. van der Wall
2003-2013 Prof. dr. W.H. van Gilst
2003-2007 Prof. dr. C. Visser
1993-2003 Prof. dr. H. Wellens
1993-2003 Prof. dr. K. Bom
1983-1993 Prof. dr. F. Meijler
1972-1983 Prof. dr. D. Durrer

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