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Cardiovascular calendar

Calendar of important or interesting meetings. Please let us know if you have any events or meetings you would like to have listed here.

Scientific Session: "Vascular calcification: from supposed innocent bystander to culprit risk factor"
Holland Heart House
Wednesday 12 December 2018

In the Scientific Sessions we tackle on scientific issue on a high level. This session is organised by Tilman Hackeng and Leon Schurgers of Maastricht University.


1.     Welcome (Tilman Hackeng & Leon Schurgers)                  14.00-14.05

2.     Mapping calcification in the Netherlands                          14.05-14.15

3.     Round table discussion                                                        14.14-14.45

4.     Breakout session                                                                   14.45-15.15

5.     Re-cap                                                                                    15.15-15.30               

6.     Coffee                                                                                     15.30-15.45

7.     Defining key questions and funding options                      15.45-16.15

8.     Key-note lecture                                                                    16.15-17.00

9.     Conclusion and drinks                                                          17.00-18.00   

3rd Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting
Beatrixgebouw, Utrecht
Thursday 27 June 2019 - Friday 28 June 2019

We are currently recruiting members for the programme committee for our third congres. Please contact us if you are interested.


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