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Durrer Center for Cardiovascular Research

The Durrer Center for Cardiovascular Research (Durrer Center) was founded in 2008 as a part of the Netherlands Heart Institute to facilitate cardiovascular researchers in autonomous and secure storage of biosamples and (imaging)data.

Durrer Center facilities

Durrer Center has an independent position regarding suppliers or financiers in terms of scientific content and professional responsibility and is an independent partner to centrally stored samples / data from collaborative projects. Durrer Center has developed standard procedures for all processes, which are currently being implemented in a quality management system (ISO9001: 2015).Durrer Center is housed in Academic Medical Center (AMC) and works closely together with the AMC Biobank. 


-  Biobanking:

-  Virtual biobanking:

-  Data management:

At the moment Durrer Center manages the samples and/or data of 24 (multi)center studies covering more than 120.000 samples and developed 13 eCRFs. Durrer Center collaborates with national and international partners such as CTMM (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine), BBMRI-NL and A*STAR (Singapore).

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