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Einthoven dissertation prize

The call for the 2018 Einthoven dissertation prize is closed. If you present your thesis in 2018 you can compete for the 2019 Einthoven Prize. The deadline for that will be published on this page by the end of 2018.

Winners 1990-2017

This tabel contains the previous winners of the Einthoven Prize. The year refers to the year the prize was awarded. The thesis would have been published the previous year.

2017    Dr. M. de Graaf "Computed tomography coronary angiography: From quantification of coronary atherosclerosis to risk stratification of patients" 
2016 Dr. T. van de Hoef "Novel insights into the complexity of ischaemic heart disease derived from combined coronary pressure and flow velocity measurements"
2015 Dr. W. Dewilde "Optimal antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in patients with oral anticoagulation in coronary stenting"
2014 Dr. L van Heerebeek "Diastolic heart failure: putting the puzzle together"
2013 Dr. R. Pisters "The antithrombotic management of atrial fibrillation"
2012 Dr. M. Cox "Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy: activation delay, diagnosis and DNA"
2011 Dr. L. Tops "Multimodality imaging to guide cardiac interventional procedures"
2010 Dr. P. Tonino "Fractional Flow Reserve to guide Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease"
2009 Dr. L. van Laake "Cardiac Recovery by Stem and Progenitor Cells"
2008 Dr. N. Riksen "Adenosine in health and disease"
2007 Dr. M.R.M Jongbloed "Development of the cardiac conduction system and cardiac anatomy in relation to genesis and treatment of arrhythmias"
2006 Dr. G.K. hovingh "Molecular defects in the metabolism of the HDL particle and the consequences for atherosclerosis progression"
2005 Dr. R.J. Hassink "Regenerating the Heart"
2004 Dr. N. van Royen "Therapeutic arteriogenesis: from experimental observations towards clinical application"
2003 Dr. M. Meuwissen "Pathomorphological and physiological characteristics of coronary artery disease"
2002 Dr. J.M. ten Berg "Optimal antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in patients with oral anticoagulation in coronary stenting"
2001 Dr. M. Groenink "Marfan syndrome: morphology, function, elastic properties"
2000 Dr. R.G. Tieleman "Atrial electrical remodeling from barn to bedside"
1999 Dr. A. van ‘t Hof "A Clinical Evaluation of Primary Coronary Angioplasty and. Stenting in Acute Myocardial Infarction"
1998 Dr. W. Li  
1997 Dr. M. Wijffels "Atrial Fibrillation Begets Atrial Fibrillation"
1996 Dr. W.A. Bax "Pharmacology of the human isolated coronary artery; Effects of 5-HT, platelets and peptides"
1995 Dr. M.J. de Boer "Primary coronary angioplasty in acute myocardial infarction"
1994 Dr. A. Meijer  
1993 Dr. C. Lucas
Dr. M. Suttorp
1992 Dr. N. Pijls "Maximal myocardial perfusion as a measure of the functional significance of coronary artery disease; from a pathoanatomic to a pathophysiologic interpretation of the coronary arteriogram"
1991 Dr. A. Sippens "Body surface mapping of ventricular tachycardia; electrocardiographic localization of the site of origin"
1990 Dr. B. Mulder "Damage-induced propagated contractions in cardiac muscle; implications for cardiac arrhytmias"
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