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Netherlands Heart Institute Fellowships

Every year the Netherlands Heart Institute awards 2 to 4 fellowships to young scientists to allow them to work abroad for up to a year. The idea behind the fellowships is both to allow young people to develop themselves and to bring skills and knowledge from abroad back to Dutch hospitals.

The current deadline for applications will be 1 June 2018. Candidates have to be available to present their plans on Friday morning 29 June 2018 at 11:15. Also see the website for the 2018 Translational Research Meeting.

Download the full details of the fellowships here.

Former Fellows

The Netherlands Heart Institute (and ICIN before that) has awarded Fellowships to:

2016 Fleur Tjong (AMC) Mount Sinai (New York City, USA)
  Guus de Waard (VUMC) Imperial College (London, UK)
2015 Marc Strik (MUMC+) Hôpital cardiologique Haut Lévêque (Bordeaux à Pessac, France)
  Annelieke van Riel (AMC) Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, USA)
  Laura Meems (UMCG) Mayo Clinic and the Cardiorenal Research Laboratory (Rochester, USA)


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