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Programme Committee members wanted!

For the 3rd Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting on 27-28 June 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we are looking for 5 – 7 members for the Programma Committee.

The Programme Committee is responsible for:
•    Proposing the overall scientific theme of the event to the Board of the Netherlands Heart Institute;
•    Selecting topics, (key note) speakers for the scientific sub sessions in cooperation with the CVON consortia;
•    Coordinating with the chairs of the sessions about the speakers and ensure each session has a coherent theme;
•    Selecting posters for the moderated poster session and other posters for the congress from the abstracts received;

We are looking for scientists with a good network and a broad knowledge of cardiovascular science.

You should count on spending 2 hours a week average between early September 2018 and late June 2019.

Secretarial support for the Programme Committee (organising meetings and conference calls, distributing invitations and collecting abstracts, etc) will be provided by the staff of the Netherlands Heart Institute.

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