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Overview of subsidies and funding opportunities

On this page we list deadlines for grants as well as continous funding opportunities. Contact the Netherlands Heart Institute ( for support during any phase of a grant appliciation. Please also contact us if you have questions or additional information for this page.

Note: allthough we do all we can to keep this page accurate and up to date we cannot accept responsibility for (the consequences of) any inaccuracies in this page.



NWO Veni
Maximum funding: €250,000
Deadline: Tuesday 8 January 2019

Veni is part of the Incentives Scheme. It allows researchers who have recently obtained their PhD to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years. Veni applicants must have obtained their doctorate within the last three years. The 2019 Veni round is open to researchers who meet this criterion on 1 January 2019.

Deadline for submitting a preproposal is 8 January 2019.

See website for more information.

NWO Open Competition ENW - GROOT
Deadline: Tuesday 12 February 2019

GROOT grants are intended for consortia. The GROOT grant gives researchers the opportunity and freedom to strengthen and/or expand excellent, challenging and innovative lines of research.
The call will be published once every two years and a pre-proposal phase will be used. For this round M€ 25 is available.

The deadline for submitting pre-proposals in the first round is 12 February 2019.

See website for more information.

H2020 Health programme
Deadline: Wednesday 24 April 2019

Several calls are open within the H2020 Health programme with deadlines for full proposals on different dates in April 2019. Note, for two-stage proposals a brief stage 1 application needs to be submitted on October 2nd 2018.

See website for open calls and more information.

Continous funding opportunities

*new* - Call for Working Groups

The Netherlands Heart Institute aims to establish working groups on issues that matter in cardiovascular science. The working groups aim to bring together the leading researchers on a specific topic to exchange information, build networks and write grant proposals.

Support by the Netherlands Heart Institute

  • The Netherlands Heart Institute supports each working group with a maximum of €5.000 per year. This can be used to organise meetings, invite foreign speakers, etc.
  • The Netherlands Heart Institute provides meeting rooms in the Holland Heart House.
  • We provide logistical support in organizing your events.
  • If you decide to write a grant proposal, one of our project managers will assist you.

Working Group activities
The working group meets at least 2 times a year in the Holland Heart House and organizes at least 1 public meeting a year in the Holland Heart House according to the format of the scientific sessions (themamiddagen) of the Netherlands Heart Institute or a session during the annual Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting. The working group writes grant proposals if and when there is an appropriate call.

A working group gets support for 2 years after which we will evaluate if the working group has achieved its mission and goals.

Your proposal
Please send your proposal for a working group to The proposal should include:

  • the topic of your working group
  • a preliminary list of members
  • proposed activities

The board of the Netherlands Heart Institute will select those proposals that fit with the objectives of the institute.
There is no deadline, you can submit your proposal anytime.

Breakthrough Prize Life Sciences
Maximum funding: 3M
Type: prize

The Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences honors transformative advances toward understanding living systems and extending human life.

Dekkerbeursen Hartstichting

ERC: European Research Council

ERC Starting Grants: Grants up to 1.5€ million for 5 years. For promising early-career researchers with 2 to 7 years experience after PhD.

ERC Consolidator Grants: Grants up to 2€ million for 5 years. For excellent researchers with 7 to 12 years experience after PhD.

ERC Advanced Grants: Grants up to 2.5€ million for 5 years. For established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements.

ERC Proof of Concept: Grants up to 150.000€. For existing ERC grant holders to bring their research ideas closer to market.

Synergy Grants: Grants up to 10€ million for 6 years. To address ambitious research questions that can only be answered by the coordinated work of a small group of 2-4 principal Investigators.

KNAW Ammodo Award
Maximum funding: 300.000

De Ammodo KNAW Award is bedoeld als stimulans voor het ongebonden, fundamenteel wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Elke twee jaar is er een ronde voor de Ammodo KNAW Award, die alle vakgebieden bestrijkt. De Ammodo KNAW Award omvat acht geldbedragen van elk 300.000 euro. De laureaat kan dit bedrag naar eigen inzicht besteden aan een door de laureaat uitgevoerd of begeleid fundamenteel wetenschappelijk onderzoeksproject.

De Ammodo KNAW Award wordt twee-jaarlijks uitgerijkt. De volgende ronde wordt in 2019 verwacht.

NWO Open Competition ENW - KLEIN

The KLEIN grant offers researchers the possibility to elaborate creative and risky ideas and to realise scientific innovations that can form the basis for the research themes of the future.

There are three categories of KLEIN grants:
KLEIN-1 (1 scientific position, €350.000)
KLEIN-2 (2 scientific positions in collaboration, €700.000)
KLEIN-0 (investments, €500.000)

The total available budget is M€ 25.5 and proposals can be submitted on a continuous basis.

See website for more information.

NWO: Rubicon

International research experience is often essential for building up one’s scientific career. Rubicon offers talented researchers who have completed their doctorates in the past year the chance to gain experience at a top research institution outside the Netherlands, as international research experience is likely to be an advantage at a later stage in the applicant's academic career.

3 deadlines per year

TOP subsidies

De TOP-subsidie biedt excellente onderzoeksgroepen de gelegenheid tot vernieuwing van hun onderzoekslijnen en het aangaan van nieuwe samenwerkingen. Het oogmerk is hierbij ruimte te creëren voor innovatieve (grensverleggende) wetenschap van excellente kwaliteit.

TOP subsidies hebben een omvang van maximaal € 675.000,- en een looptijd van minimaal 4 tot maximaal 5 jaar. Jaarlijks kunnen circa 7 voorstellen worden gesubsidieerd.

Vernieuwingsimpuls: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Vernieuwingsimpuls (NWO)



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